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Find a Natural Solution - PlantRx

The birth story of Plantrx started from our home in Charleston, SC. Before I ever conceived the idea of branding a supplement line, I was challenged with the task of finding exceptional plant based supplements to use for my family and clients. 
I quickly discovered that many supplements labeled as "healing" products were anything but that. They were laden with additives, fillers, and contaminants. I knew that in order for people to truly heal, they needed the best forms of plant medicine without adulterants and unnecessary tag-alongs. 


After many months of testing and evaluating various formulations and raw materials we partnered with a lab in Texas that upheld the very high standards of product integrity that we were looking for. PlantRx launched in January 2020 and serves to empower families with safe, effective and pure forms of supplementation to promote optimal health outcomes. 


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